i haven’t stopped thinking about dance nation (which was at the almeida until oct 2018) since i saw it.
Then i saw it again a week or so later.
And i tried to go again but oh my poor bank account.
So then i landed upon this [[original]] idea.


About Dance Nation & it’s themes:
adolescence, dance, girl/womanhood, competition, periods, imagination, friendship

If you’d like to contribute to this zine  (pls do!) send me your things – whether you’ve seen the show or not. Anything from writing, reviews, thoughts, poetry, production notes, to memes, photographs, stories, playlists, doodles! I’ll take it all please! (I’m gonna add some diary entries about my first period probs lol)

I’d love this collection to be a little hub of creativity and an homage to dance nation and the woes and wonders of friendship and growing up.

Send them to daniella.harrison@hotmail.com by mid-February. I’m gonna make this my little spring project 🙂 

ps am yet to think of a proper title for the zine. I have some ideas and would love it to be a quote from the show. If any stick out to you then hmu x