The Consumption: May

It feels both strange and normal that we’ve lived through another month of lockdown here in the UK. I almost feel like I’m getting used to staying indoors and have created quite a lovely routine for myself. It’s going to be weird when we’re allowed to go out and socialise in public again, I might avoid it for a few weeks so I can prepare myself. 

Anyway, here’s a list of the things I’ve been enjoying over the last month and as always please send recommendations my way!

What I’ve been watching

  • Like most people, I fell in love with the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Normal People. I adored the book and I think Alice Birch, the cast and entire team have done an exceptional job. Of course, there’s now an Instagram account dedicated to Connell’s chain.
  • I have been recently introduced to Micarah Tewers on YouTube, who talks all things clothing and costume. I particularly love her critique on the Little Women costumes and making histroically accurate Barbie dresses.
  • One of my favourite creators, Leena Norms’ video about The Hunger Games is iconic.
  • I finally watched Little Women!!!
  • Daniel Radcliffe reading thirst tweets for Buzzfeed
  • The Sondheim birthday concert! My personal favourite is Beanie Feldstein and Ben Platt singing ‘It Takes Two’. 
  • I watched the new Ryan Murphy series Hollywood. It was fine. Very Ryan Murphy in that it has a good concept but turns stale halfway through. Felt really icky by the ending – let me know your thoughts if you’ve seen it!

What I’ve been listening to

  • So many great new songs have been released, including ‘The List’ by Maisie Peters, the ‘Savage’ remix with Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé, ‘Break Up Song’ by Little Mix, ‘I’m Gone’ by Dolly Parton and ‘So Will I’ by Ben Platt – I add new songs and current faves to this playlist, if you’re interested!
  • I also sorted out all my playlists and created the Ultimate Disney playlist – from Snow White to Suite Life, Princess Diaries to Peter Pan, it’s got the lot.
  • It’s an old one, but this ‘How to Fail’ podcast with Love Island‘s Camilla Thurlow is a favourite

What I’ve been reading

  • I’ve managed to read quite a few books in the last few weeks including The Love Square by Laura Jane Williams (out in July!) and The Spare Bedroom by Elizabeth Neep. I’m currently finishing Good Morning, Destroyer of Men’s Souls by Nina Renata Aron. You can follow me on my bookstagram to keep up to date with my thoughts on books here!
  • I started actively following Florence Given and the stuff she writes about relationships, pleasure and body positivity are excellent and much needed – her art prints are also insane and I can’t wait to purchase one in the future.

What I’ve been doing

  • I hosted two quizzes on Instagram live! I really enjoyed doing them and I think they went quite well, so I’m planning on hosting a special Love Island themed one in June! Keep an eye on my Instagram for details about that.
  • I briefly mentioned this in the last edition, but I’ve gotten into the habit of working out each morning? I want to write about this in a longer form, so for now I will shout out Gabby Allen (daily workouts), Charlotte Malpass (great tutorials), Sassy Dance (my weekly dance class, now on Insta) and Laura Bunting Yoga (whose Yin and Tonic sessions every Friday are giving me LIFE!

Shout out to small businesses!

  • I wanted to use this space to shout out some small businesses who I have recently purchased from. It’s been my mission this year to stop buying from too many big businesses or fast fashion brands, and I have managed to find some incredible companies!
  • These include Lucid Seams, who I recently purchased some gorgeous earrings from. I discovered her through an upcycling video, and when I have an item/the funds I definitely want her to upcycle something for me! Next is Confetti Create who makes cute earrings – I got the rainbow ones for me and my sister and they are perfect!
  • My friend Jamie has started his own side hustle of drawing very tasteful nudes – check out his Instagram Jamie Scribbles for a selection! Finally, I purchased a Fleabag badge from Sweet Grenadine on Etsy last summer, and I’ve had my eye on many of their items since, so if you like pop culture and badges, or know someone who does, then that’s the shop for you!

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