The Consumption: March/April

With so much free time on my hands, now that I have been (like most of us) furloughed, I thought I’d document some of the things I have been consuming during this month of isolation/lockdown. From books to TV shows, online dance classes to articles, here’s my little list of cool things I have been enjoying.

What I’ve been watching

  • I watched all four seasons of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for the first time. It is a masterpiece, and I have been enjoying doing little song tournaments on Twitter. Because I’m a bit sad that way.
  • BBC’s adaption of Malory Towers. It’s so twee and gorgeous, and faithful to the books.
  • Killing Eve‘s third series began so I obviously have to watch every week (imagine, one episode a week!)
  • A lot of Mike’s Mic videos on YouTube. My kind of humour to a T.
  • Tiffany Ferg’s video on the US version of The Circle.
  • Quiz on ITV (based on James Graham’s play) has been a terrestrial delight, and lead me to a huge internet rabbit hole of the Ingrams doing Wife Swap with Jade Goody and Jeff Brazier.
  • The new Netflix show Too Hot to Handle. Reality trash as its finest.

What I’ve been listening to

What I’ve been reading

  • Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton.
  • Ross & Rachel by James Fritz.
  • My friend Joseph wrote this great piece about National Theatre at Home.
  • The White Pube’s piece on quarantine.
  • Lauren O’Neill’s article about how games shows reflect the era we live in.
  • This extraordinary interview with my idol, Julie Walters.
  • The brilliant Leena Norms has started a weekly newsletter (Letters from Leena) full of recommendations, creative prompts and lots of Gumption.

Things I’ve been doing

  • A lot of quizzes – whether that be on Buzzfeed or in teams on Zoom. There are also some very specific ‘who are you’ quizzes going around and this one is by far my favourite.
  • The Sassy Dance class every Wednesday evening on Instagram Live (replacing the in-person ones).
  • Resurrecting my Bookstagram account, to help document and push me to read during these extended periods of quiet.
  • Everyone else has Animal Crossing, so I decided to download Rollercoaster Tycoon, and it has been….a ride [ha].
  • I follow a lovely gal called Charlotte on Instagram, and she has started to post her daily home workouts which are quite accessible for beginners (like me!). I’ve been blasting out a Little Mix workout playlist to keep me motivated.

So, that’s all the main things I can think of this month – please send any quizzes, great articles or hilarious videos my way as I need endless things to keep my brain occupied! 

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