wow everything is amazing | response

‘agree and proceed’ is not just the checkbox you’re forced to accept when u sign up to things online. it’s now replaced amen. in 50yrs time the internet is the new religion and the online world is ur church. the network is ur home.

i can’t remember the last time i wrote a letter to somebody. i think it was to my great aunt a few years ago. every christmas and birthday she’d send me a writing set: winnie the pooh, v&a flowers, christmas-themed. the thought of writing longhand makes my wrist hurt a bit. i feel like the writing muscles would need a big warm up first.

sounds like chaos’ 45-minute piece created by young people is an absolute joy to watch. exploring the idea that the internet becomes our new religion, it is full of wise cracks about 90s technology (imagine having one phone per household!)πŸ“ž and full of pretty sick songs. ive had the refrain of ‘world wide web’ πŸŒπŸ•ΈοΈ stuck in my head for days n it shows now sign of goin away soon. the songs are a mixture of rap n gospel n r brilliantly performed. πŸ‘Œ

when i was like seven i’d be rlly obnoxious when i answered the house phone. i’d say ‘hello this is daniella how can I help you?’ lol. imagine. i now hate speaking on the phone. i get all sweaty before i speak to estate agents or regular ppl. i think my mum n james are the only ppl i can speak comfortably too on the phone.

one of my fave bits was definitely the leader of the church being on a swegway. spinning and rolling around on that thing is such a skill & they had comic timing to boot! it was q a genius way of incorporating new technology into the show without making it all about phones or screens.

isn’t it weird that basically all my memories exist online? conversations i’ve had years ago are saved on messenger, photos from my prom are on facebook, almost all of my writing is hosted online rather than in print. i wonder what would happen if everything got deleted. would most of my identity disappear?

but don’t get it twisted, it’s dark too. there’s a king lear-like moment (or ‘most violent plays’ moment) when something torturous happens to one of the citizens who questions the system. what happens if you want to connect with someone on the outside? do they even exist anymore? πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ πŸ†Ž

though quite a short piece which definitely could be developed in some way, wow everything is amazing is the start of what could be a brilliant piece about young people and the internet, and how our relationship with technology has – and could – change.

The show is at New Diorama in June – book here

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