hello, is this 2012? (blogmas)

Hiya. Just a quick one.

When ppl ask me what I do one of the things I say is that I write about theatre. Like criticism n reviews n stuff.

Which is true.

But I also don’t do that very often now. Kinda slipped a bit. Not that I wanna write every day (…) but I wanna produce more than I do. I have so many pieces sat in my drafts and so many ideas floating about in my head like bubbles I’ve decided I need to do something about it.

So, blogmas. That’s a thing people do, or did, in 2012. And I’m gonna have a go @ it too. So every day I’m gonna write something new, or take something old from my drafts and post it. Might be reviews or conversation with pals or a bunch of emojis or maybe not even about theatre at all!!! That’s what’s gonna be fun.

It’s fuckin December and it’s a V busy month for me like everyone else so why am I doing this? Idk. Because I wanna get better at writing. When I wrote for Noises Off in March I felt like I improved so much purely because I was writing a LOT.

So yeah. That’s what I’m gonna do n I’m looking forward to it. I’m currently writing this on my lunch break at work surrounded by boxes of unstuffed bears which is both ominous and comforting and I have twenty minutes of my break left so maybe I’ll start another post ready for tomorrow.

Pls give me feedback, if u want. It’d be helpful I think n I wanna start some dialogues n conversations 💜

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