REVIEW: Fringe Wives Club – Glittery Clittery ★★★★★

Easily the most exciting thing I’ve seen at the Fringe this year, Glittery Clittery is a fusion of cabaret, disco, edu-tainment, and feminism. Made up of three award-winning comedians: Victoria Falconer, Tessa Waters, and Rowena Hutson, the trio entertain us with a show which seeks to draw awareness to feminist issues, complete with a myriad of instruments and bucketfuls of glitter.

The phrase ‘feminist cabaret’ may strike fear in some, but Glittery Clittery is one of the most inclusive and fun shows I’ve ever been to: the trio make it very clear you can leave “whenever you like” if you feel uncomfortable in the form of a song, and ensure that any audience members who participate at any point are completely consenting.

The show is a feminist call-to-arms, using comedy and music to highlight societal issues – from the less serious (a lack of pockets in women’s clothes?!?! Yes I can relate) to the incarnation of the ‘feminist fuckboy’ and the myth that boys who hurt you ‘only do it because he likes you’. The use of comedy totally gets the audience on side, and means that the issues being discussed aren’t seen as too preachy. Falconer’s facial expressions including a signature sticking out of her tongue are hilarious, as is Waters’ physicality, including the shaking of the Care Bear-style heart on her bum. Hutson is earnest in her call to arms; her speech at the end of the show is beautifully written and delivered.

One of the most entertaining moments in the show is a gameshow in which three members of the audience answer questions about the vulva (modelled by Hutson). It’s silly and great fun, but also educating – so many facts about the vulva are learnt and the group aim to educate the audience and dispel any mystery around female genitalia. In this segment, Falconer is a musical tour de force, improvising tunes on the keyboard.

Glittery Clittery is a fun, energetic, and well-created piece of cabaret-theatre. Grab a ticket whilst you can, because these ladies will blow you away.

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