favourite theatre moments 2017

I saw Jimmy Dougan do this on Twitter, then I saw Ava Davies do it and I felt like joining in – so here’s mine. It includes things that I liked when I watched shows, as well as moments related to productions I was involved in. This is in no particular order, though I guess it’s kinda chronological.

  • When my friend Jasmine and I turned to each other after Anatomy of a Suicide and just breathed this huge heavy sigh together.
  • The bit in Celebration  where Ben and Clara are jumping into one another’s arms
  • The entire cast of The Tempest (a show I was in) cleaning up the chalk designs off of the floor after the show with ‘Hard Knock Life’ playing through the speakers
  • The moment the curtain rose in 42nd Street and I could see all these feet dancing and it reminded me of my childhood and I really wanted to dance again


  • When I was in Medea rehearsals and Emily was delivering the speech about killing her child and I hear this blubbering and turn around and Kyle, our production technician, was just bawling his eyes out
  • (also when the show finished but there wasn’t a curtain call so we stood awkwardly huddled backstage waiting for the audience to leave)
  • When I got to interview Lyn bluddy Gardner!!
  • When the past and present members of  the Follies all tap danced together in ‘Mirror Mirror’
  • Trying to collect myself in the bathroom at the NT after bumping into Helena Bonham Carter
  • Trying to collect myself in the bathroom at Greenwich Theatre after watching A Super Happy Story (About feeling Super Sad)
  • Trying to collect myself whilst watching Poor Michelle’s Harry (not in a bathroom)
  • Watching the cast just plant flowers for four minutes in Albion and just loving it


  • The transitions in Anatomy. So slick and so smooth.
  • When I directed a musical revue and there was a lighting change in Hannah’s song and I timed it perfectly and Bronwen (tech director) looked at me with a thumbs up and was like “yeeees” and it was just magical and I felt quite accomplished
  • When Joseph and I went to the Half a Sixpence media event and tried to learn the choreography
  • Our entire performance comp class setting up Eloina’s performance which included a tarp, a bath full of milk, various weapons, hanging bowls full of cream which started leaking etc etc and it was a performance within itself


  • Like Ava said – the bit in Lands where the 1000 piece puzzle just gets pushed off the table splits into pieces but Sophie just won’t. stop. jumping.
  • Laughing a LOT with my cast at the Fringe, especially when Blind Mirth parodied our show and thought from the flyer it was called ‘Beware the Depths’ (which it wasn’t)
  • When I did my first solo performance and I was bricking it and I heard laughter at my first joke and I felt this collective love and knew it was going to be alright
  • Watching Space Dogs for the final time (show our uni took to Fringe) and my beautiful friend Alice sings the communist anthem (i think?) at the end in Russian and it’s just so pure and the rest of the cast are listing the names of animals who died because of space and oh I had a lot of feelings


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