‘The Terrible Infants’: A Review in (some kind of) Rhyme

[Hello, yes. In the spirit of ‘The Terrible Infants’ using a lot of rhyme, I attempted a really shoddy review also in rhyme. My apologies – this won’t happen again]


There once was a show
I was invited to go
Very kindly by Corner Shop PR
So to Wilton’s Music Hall I was sent
And with my friend Francesca I went
To see ‘Les Enfants Terribles’.

I had heard of the group
From the Underground Adventure I took
At the Waterloo Vaults back in the Spring
They make quirky childhood stories
A little bit dark (but not too gory)
With a splash of whimsical zing.

It’s a show that’s been repeated
Revived through the years, undefeated
And it’s very easy to see why:
We all once were young,
Loved stories told to us by our mum,
Even if they frightened us at the time.

LET are masters of storytelling
Spinning tales, casting spell(ings?)
Around the auditorium, attentions are locked
With playful puppets aplenty,
And a song or two or twenty,
The most marvellous time was on the clock.

The performers are quite delicious,
Not just acting but playing instruments,
A fine company to behold:
Lansley’s entrance was very funny,
Bainbridge’s facial expressions on the money,
They are simply pure gold

The visuals are a delight for the eyes,
Including a sun-moon clock, high in the sky.
There’s the use of shadows,
A curtain for the sea,
Every prop and scenery,
Is necessary to the prose.

So to conclude this woeful attempt,
At some rhymes you’re probably viewing  with contempt,
I recommend this show,
For it is polished and neat,
A real lesson in telling stories, and a theatrical treat.


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