GET EXCITED: Politics meets Vampires in ‘Suckers’

Following their January show, Brains, Thick and Thin Theatre return to Theatre N16 with their signature brand of fast-paced comedy tinged with irony.

Once again injecting an everyday setting with the absurd, this time they present a play about politics, power, and…vampires.

‘In a not too dissimilar world to our own, where clunky metaphors are realised, Whitehall has been infiltrated by clans of bloodsucking creatures vying for control of the masses. After a by-election is triggered in the West Country constituency of Milford, vampires Frank Maynard and Jonathan Laurence emerge as the two front-runners for the seat. While fresh-faced Frank is groomed for governance by his short-fused campaign manager Julian Webster and ex-flame Susan Baker, Jonathan relies on his own Machiavellian methods of power brokering to assure victory at any cost,
helped by his trusty if sarcastic aide Joanna Foster. With intrepid reporter Fiona Ripinsky hot on their trails and the campaign causing unexpectedly non-vampiric problems, the two candidates will soon realise that politics can be one bloody affair…’

Written by Jack Dent and Cameron Szerdy, Suckers is a raucous comedy which pokes fun at the political landscape with its tongue firmly in its cheek.

Thick and Thin Theatre are a young company based in London, founded in 2016 by Cameron Szerdy, Tom Spencer, and Jack Dent.

Suckers is running at Theatre N16 in Balham from June 28th until July 1st. For tickets visit:



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