ICYMI: February & March

I know. I’ve been slack. Too much has been happening and I’ve been swamped in essays and shows and deadlines – talk about not being able to keep it together. But we’re getting back on track: I’m 8400 words away from finishing second year so you’ll certainly see this blog getting steadily more active. Let’s review what I’ve been doing these last few months.


I’ve been so heavily involved with my university’s theatre company that I haven’t really stopped. At the beginning of February I was in ‘The Tempest’, as part of the Shakespeare festival, and played Ferdinand – Miranda’s shipwrecked love interest. I had such a great time in this production, and the whole cast were bloody fab to work with.
I was not actively a part of the following festival, New Writers’, BUT, I did conduct a series of interviews with the writers/directors for my university’s magazine, of which you can see my master post of here. It was great to hear about different people’s writing processes and how they develop and execute ideas.
At the end of March in was in Medea, a Greek tragedy which was moved to be set in 2025. I played the Nurse, and honestly this was one of the most creatively stimulating productions I have ever taken part in. It was also wonderful to be surrounded by so many talented women on a daily basis at rehearsals.
FINALLY, I am incredibly excited that I will be on the theatre company’s committee next year! My role is as secretary, which includes social media, liasing with others, and much more. I’m raring to get started!



‘The Tempest’ Photo: Dani Harvey
QMTC committees old and new
The Tempest’s wonderful set design!

The VAULT Festival

I’ve never been to the Vaults in Waterloo, an underground cavern full of a range of performance spaces, before. I was lucky enough to be invited to three press nights of some of the shows being performed there as part of the VAULT Festival, which is kind of like Edinburgh Fringe but for London. I saw Summer Nights in Space, a musical set in space, The South Afreakins, a one-woman show about a couple’s immigration from South Africa to New Zealand, and This Is Not Culturally Significant, a one-man show portraying a whole host of characters. You can read reviews by clicking the titles of shows.

Back at it again, seeing two of my favourite Shakespeare plays in production. First up was the National Theatre’s Twelfth Night, which I adored! You can see my tweet thread here. I loved the gender-bending production, how it modernised the story, kept the laughter, and explored queerness. I might do a whole post about it – what do you think?
The second production I saw was A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Young Vic, which quite frankly I didn’t enjoy so much. I understood what was being done with it, but it felt much too slow of a pace for me, and the mirror at the back screamed vanity rather than a greater reason why it was there.
Thirdly, my class presented our final performances for our Performing Shakespeare module. My group created a museum with an audio tour based on Hamlet – hopefully it went well!

Other show highlights!

Some other shows I saw this month included seeing Wicked again with my pals Conor and Jamie, on a last-minute decision (I love living in London for this very reason!).Though I love the songs, it’s not my favourite show to watch. Maybe I’ll do a post about this, too? (no promises, though).
I also went to the press night of Boy Stroke Girl, a show exploring gender, which is running at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden at the moment.
I went to the press night of LIZZIE – a musical about axe murderer Lizzie Borden at the Greenwich Theatre.
I also saw Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, starring Daniel Radcliffe, at the Old Vic. It was a fab show, though my head was very fuzzy afterwards!

‘Playing Shakespeare’ at The Globe

Bits & Bobs

Scary times lie ahead and I’m having to think about what I’m going to do after I graduate next summer (cue screaming). So, I’ve been applying for various things and getting involved with different places. So for this, I’ve had my first training sessions for being a Steward at the Globe and I’m also going to be the Publicity and Marketing manager for Pentire Street Productions’ Richard III which will be performed this autumn!






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