ICYMI: October

My goodness, October really whizzed past! I’ve done so much this month, both theatrically and not. I’ve seen a LOT of shows this month (10 to be precise), but I’ve not been able to review every single one unfortunately. However, here’s a round-up of some theatrical things that have happened to me each month, in case you missed it…

I saw a brand new British Musical!

Literally the day before the (metaphorical) curtain rose on new British musical, This Little Life of Mine, an email flew into my inbox asking if I’d like to attend the press night of this show. Of course, I said yes (ignoring all the reading and university work I had to do for the little-lifeevening) and headed on down to the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park with my flatmate and best pal Josie. The musical is very funny, tapping into a whole manner of contemporary London life such as rent, social media, swingers’ parties, and over-happy baristas. I had a great night and you can check out my review here.





I went to lots of shows (and forgot to write reviews..)

I’ve seen a lot of shows this month, thanks to one of my modules at university requiring us to see a show every single week! Thanks to this, I’ve seen Letters to Windsor House (by QM-graduates Sh!t Theatre), A Pacifists Guide to the War on Cancer (National Theatre), Oil  (Almeida Theatre), amongst others. What was quite impressive is that twice I managed to share the audience with some well-known figures. Firstly, Jenny Eclair from Loose Women was sat in front of me at Pacifists Guide and turned to see me crying, and Dianna Agron from Glee was just a few rows in front of me at Oil, though she did leave at the interval…
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep up with reviews, and as one of my assignments is to write one, I wanted to refrain from posting possible coursework until it’s finished!

I FINALLY saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

If you know me, you know how much I love Harry Potter, and that I’ve waited over a year to see the show. I finally saw it, and it was absolutely beautiful. My friend Ash came with me, though we were unable to sit together, but we had in-depth conversations about the show at the intervals. I was absolutely blown away and had such a great two nights! You can read my review here.

Emma Rice left the Globe Theatre

I love Shakespeare and I love seeing as many productions of it as I can, to see how adaptation can affect the classic script. After seeing two productions of Rice’s Wonder  season this year, I was quite upset hearing she was to leave after her 2017 season I wrote a spur-of-the-moment blog post about it. I have since had more time to think about the situation, and read countless articles and tweets about it, so hopefully I’ll have something a bit more to say in the near future. Until then, I shall be booking for every single production next year…

I’m a Barbican Young Reviewer!

In September, I applied to be one of the Barbican Centre’s Young Reviewers. This programme coaches young people in learning to make informative reviews aboyoung-barbicanut the arts (theatre, dance, music, film, and art) as well as the skills to produce high-quality videos for the Barbican YouTube channel. In October, I attended a group interview session and was chosen to be one of the Young Reviewers! I am incredibly started, and have already started sessions in learning how to use camera and editing equipment. I’ll be going to three arts events between now and March, and you can see the video reviews I make on the Barbican YouTube channel!

I Was Cast in a Play!

During October, auditions were held for my university theatre company‘s first festival: Location, Location, Location. All six of the plays being put on have a relation to ‘location’ in some way, and despite thinking I did awfully in auditions, I somehow got cast in one! I’ve been cast in ‘Us and Them’, a play by David Campton, directed by third year Hugo Aguirre. We’re performing for one night only on November 27, and you can find more details here. Rehearsals have been a hoot so far so I can’t wait for show night (I just need to learn my lines first…)

SO, that was my October! I know that November is going to be busy already! I have a press night coming up, TheatreCraft, I’m seeing The Last Five Years, Dead Funny, and Moby Dick, will be in a performance, and a *secret project* I can’t wait to talk about!

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