My Favourite Theatre Bloggers!

I’ve found that in our online world, there aren’t many theatre or arts blogs and vlogs in comparison to, say, beauty and fashion, gaming, film, or baking. That’s completely fine, but it also means that I’ve had to do quite a bit of searching to find some favourites that cover things I am interested in and want to go back to again and again! So, here’s a few of mine – who are yours?

Musical Theatre Mash

Tommy of Musical Theatre Mash is a theatre vlogger, who creates a wonderful variety of series’ about musical theatre. Firstly, there are his ‘Show of the Week’ episodes, which educate viewers about shows they may not necessarily have heard of, such as ‘Be More Chill’, or ‘The Frogs’. He is also a criric, in that he talks about the castings of iconic roles in shows, movie adaptations of musicals, as well as looking at certain tropes in musicals, such as the ‘I Want’ song. Tommy has almost 10k subscribers now, which is crazy considering I joined around the 2k mark. He makes fantastic content, funny puns, and is a lover of Sondheim.


ItsWayPastMyBedTime – Carrie Hope Fletcher

Carrie is best known for being a West End performer herself, having started as a child in shows such as Mary Poppins, before moving on to starring as Eponine in Londin’s Les Miserables for three years, before moving on to become Truly Scrumptious in the recent UK Tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. In terms of theatre, I love that this channel gives access to a lot of the behind the scenes of top shows we would never normally see, thanks to being able to follow her around. Carrie’s personality is warm and bubbly, and she also highlights some issues about theatre, such as the problems with stage door.

Little Ellie Mae

ellie mae.jpgI’m not sure how I found Ellie, a fashion/lifestyle/theatre blogger from Plymouth, but I am glad I did. As mentioned, Ellie writes about a range of things, but it’s her theatre reviews which interest me the most. I think that’s because she reviews shows I am unable to see, due to location, such as the recent premiere of The Wind in the Willows. Ellie writes with fluency and a friendly tone which makes you feel you’re just chatting with your friend – she also has a killer Instagram, too!


Shaun’s Musical Musings

I found Shaun’s blog through Ellie’s and I love his style of writing. He’s based around London, so I often find that a lot of the shows I see are because he recommended them! He’s also a vlogger, and makes some great videos to complement his blog posts, too. I especially enjoyed his Edinburgh Fringe series. He’s also released a podcast, “Light the Lights” which takes you on an informative and entertaining walking tour of central London, which I’ve written about in CUB.


Oh My Musicals

I met Em, of Oh My Musicals, at the An American in Paris press launch back in September, and she is the loveliest girl! Naturally, her area is musicals, and she certainly knows her stuff. Her reviews are genuine and honest, and the amount of cool projects she has done is fantastic, such as interviewing Michael Ball and many other top performers.


Rewrite This Story

Olivia (right), with Gabriela Garcia of In the Heights

Again, I met the editor of Rewrite This Story, Olivia, at the An American in Paris press launch, and she was the first theatre blogger I’ve ever met! She’s the same age as me, so we have a lot in common, and she too has a huge variety of content on her blog. From show reviews of new shows such as Murder Ballad and 27, to classical singing tips, and interviews with casts. She’s an avid fan of In the Heights, too, which I adore!




So – those are my favourite stage-y blog and channels! Which are yours? Let me know!

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