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Here’s another personal blog post, but I’ve found it quite fun to write this one! I found these questions online – feel free to answer them yourself in a blog post or the comments below!

1 – When did you start getting into theatre?
I began ballet when I was about two, and it escalated from there. Dance was my main thing, and then I started drama/musical theatre classes at aged eight, and by the time I was fourteen, acting had become the thing I preferred. I took Drama at BTEC and A-Level, and I now am doing a degree in Drama! I hung up my dancing shoes when I was sixteen, but I wouldn’t say no to a dance-number!

2- How many shows have you been in?
Way too many to count. Probably over fifty, if I’m counting plays, musicals, and all of the dance recitals I’ve been in. I did my first show when I was four, and have done at least three shows a year since.

3 – Favourite roles you’ve ever played?
Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Mrs Birling in An Inspector Calls, Feste in Twelfth Night, and Joan in Shelved. I was also so thrilled to do the Cell Block Tango in a showcase (I was ‘Six’), though I’m not proud of that performance.


4 – A tip you always give to new theatre kids?
Work hard, even if you’re in the company. Don’t expect to get big roles straight away. Listen to the director, and have fun!

5 – Biggest Pet Peeves?
People talking backstage, thinking they know more than the director, general snobbish-ness.

6- Biggest strengths and weaknesses?
My strength is definitely memorising lines, and my weakness is singing!

7 – Your biggest theatre inspiration?
Julie Andrews (aka the QUEEN), and Julie Walters. There are so many people I love.

8 – What’s your dream role?
I’d love to play Rita from Educating Rita, and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing. In terms of musicals, I’d love to be Velma from Chicago or Heather Chandler from Heathers (if I only could sing!)

9- Plays or Musicals
Both?! But plays for sure.

10- Favourite improv game?
When you have to improvise as your character and hold a conversation with another character about a given thing. I love the conflicting views that often ensue, especially if you’re from different plays.

11 – What are your favourite shows?
You can see my five favourite musicals here. In terms of plays, I love An Intervention, Much Ado About Nothing, My Mother Said I Never Should, and An Inspector Calls.

12 – Most awkward onstage moment?
Oh, dear. There have been quite a few. Maybe I should do a whole other blog post about them?

13 – Best offstage moment?
I have fond memories of dancing and doing funny accents backstage of Alice in Wonderland, and jamming to 9 to 5 before Steel Magnolias started. 


14 – Most challenging role to play?
I did one of Lynette’s monologues from Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down by Richard Cameron. She’s a domestically abused wife, and it was a challenge to portray that emotionally, as well as physically showing one of the incidents, as it’s the physical parts of acting I find the hardest.

15 – What would you do if theatre didn’t exist?
Excuse me?

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