Easy Musical Theatre Fancy Dress

I’m a student at university, and that involves a lot of parties, many fancy dress. Add to that the fact I’m a drama student, and my costumes usually become musical-related. I don’t like to splash too much cash because I’m a poor student, and the clothes I wear are ordinary ones rather than “costumes” – if that makes sense?
So here’s some of the characters I’ve dressed up as, and how easy their costumes were to assemble.

Heather Chandler, from Heathers

My friend Seren and I dressed as Heather Chandler and Veronica Sawyer from Heathers, the film/musical for Halloween.

My blazer came from New Look, shirt and skirt from Primark, socks from Amazon (where I almost bought croquet sticks, too), shoes were vintage, and I borrowed the gold necklace from Seren. I believe all of Seren’s items came from Forever 21!
This is such an easy look to do – all you need is a skirt, white shirt, and the coloured blazer/shoes/scrunchie of your Heather! Of course, you can be exact and do the right patterns, too, but the colours are enough for people to recognise you!

Mary Poppins

This is almost a Disney-bound, and isn’t as exact as I’d like it, but it did the job considering it was last-minute!  My shirt was from a charity shop, the skirt the same as before, and my hat from Primark. I added some paper flowers around the hat, and if I’d have had time they would have been red instead of pink and I’d have worn a red bow around my neck, too! But I still got recognised! (Maybe I’ll try an updated version of this at some point in the future).


Little Red Riding Hood from Into The Woods

(I seem to have a thing for the colour red, don’t I?) I dressed up as Little Red for my friend Cara’s eighteenth party. The theme was fancy dress, and I wanted to be something recognisable but not too obvious, as well as being tenuously linked to a musical. Little Red was the perfect choice!

little red

My cape was from Amazon (I reused it for a superhero night!), dress from New Look, shoes were vintage, and I found the basket at a car boot sale! I just bought some ribbon from a craft shop to weave around the basket and put in my hair, and the costume was done! My costume was based off of the one Lilla Crawford wore in the 2014 film.

I have a few more of these up my sleeve, so if you’d like me to see any more of these posts or have any suggestions of characters for me to try then tweet me or comment below!


Have you ever dressed up as a musical character? How did it go? Let me know in the comments!


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