Play Every Day in August (PEDA)

Hi there. Just a short post today!

It’s currently mid-July, but I’m already thinking about August – there’s a lot going on. However, as usual, I seem to want to stretch and challenge myself further, and am going to do so by aiming to read one new play every day in August (ingeniously called PEDA).

I want to do this as I think it is important to read as well as see plays. They help flex your imagination as you become the director of the play in your head, and enable you to learn more about plays that maybe don’t run as often, or new plays. I think for all performers it’s a good exercise and helps you make links between new plays and what their influences could have been.

I also want to do this because I want to direct something in the future, so am on the look out for a less well-know, but still powerful and easy-to-stage production.
I will of course give my thoughts on each play, in a weekly round-up.

In the comments below, let me know of any plays you think I should read! These can be anything from the classics such as Miller or Williams, to Caryl Churchill, or new plays no one has heard of yet. I need thirty-one so get your thinking hats on!

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